We’re a match made in Heaven!

Dear Member of the Phoenix Business Community:

Over the last seven years, Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts has become a celebrated gathering for artistic expression in downtown Phoenix. During this time, PAPA has seen participation grow from 300 in 2006 to 2500 in 2011. PAPA landed a spot in the 2008 New Times “Best of Phoenix.” The quality and variety of art presented at our parade continues to increase. Our family representation remains a solid focus of our festival. We have remained true to our roots as a non motorized, environmentally friendly endeavor. As important members of the Phoenix community, we are inviting you to join PAPA on Saturday, November 10th , 2012 at 4:30pm,entitled “Legend City” and partake in this signature autumn event.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

1) Help with a fundraiser. Donating a portion of a day’s sales, providing venue space, or volunteering entertainment for a show all help our fundraising goals.
2) Buy an ad in the program. PAPA programs are seen by 2,000+ members of the community. A great way to remind participants as we walk past your establishment during the procession (2012 procession route furnished upon request). Ad costs range from $100-$1000.
3) Donate a tax deductable contribution through PAPA’s non profit sponsor Many Mouths, One Stomach. Donations above $500 are considered tax deductable through our partnership with the Tucson based festival organization.
4) Provide in-kind contributions. Past in-kind contributions have included: paints for children’s crafts, food for performers, space for float construction and storage, and tent/table/chairs for our registration booth.
5) Volunteer time or expertise. We can always use an extra hand with printing, web presence, and event support.
6) Help us network. Know a school with a great marching band? Have a social butterfly friend who likes to hand out flyers? Let us know.
7) Show up at the event. Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts is a community event. We rely on your participation to continue to provide quality cultural experiences. Thanks for helping us celebrate creativity and public unity in Downtown Phoenix.
Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts is an audience participatory event. As such, we encourage our community to contribute to the value of creativity in everyday life. However you choose to be involved, we thank you in advance for your support. You are crucial for the success of PAPA.