PAPA loves you!!!

Dear Member of the Phoenix Community:

Over the last seven years, Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts has become a celebrated gathering for artistic expression in downtown Phoenix. During this time, PAPA has seen participation grow from 300 in 2006 to 2500 in 2011. PAPA landed a spot in the 2008 New Times “Best of Phoenix.” The art quality of our parade entries is better each year. Our family representation remains a solid focus of our festival. We have remained true to our roots as a non motorized, environmentally friendly endeavor. As important members of the Phoenix community, we are inviting you to join PAPA and partake in this signature autumn event.

Once again, we are please to offer you the opportunity to be involved in several different ways.

Host a workshop or information booth. Introduce parade participants to your talents by spearheading an activity. Past artists have helped create: signs and flags, home made instruments, provided dance instruction, puppets construction and lead group improvisations. Help inspire the community to find their creative voice or simply offer why you are passionate about what you do.

Show your pride. In years past, we’ve had floats that represented local business, social organizations and schools. We’ve gotten thanks from dads for creating entertainment that also gave his 8 year old some exercise. Tap dancers, roller derby girls and stilt walkers are regular participants. If it can be pushed, pulled, wheeled, walked, biked or otherwise humanly powered, PAPA appreciates your entries.

Enter the Contests. Everyone is invited to march in the public procession. Those who pre register and want to compete are eligible to win prizes in one of 5 categories: float (must be human powered), costume or wearable art, bike, group, and “cute (entries from pets and children).” Past prizes have included original work from members of the downtown Phoenix art community.

Have fun. Remember, this is a celebration of creativity and downtown Phoenix. The purpose is public revelry…

Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts is an audience participatory event. As such, we encourage you, the community, to help us celebrate the value of creativity in everyday life. We thank you in advance for participation; however you choose to be involved. You are crucial for the success of PAPA.

We need you! P.A.P.A. is a parade for the people by the people. P.A.P.A. loves you for dressing up & pitching in, and for your smiles and laughs and musics and bikes and your painted faces! You love P.A.P.A., too, right? This Parade can’t happen without the roll-up-the-sleeves-support from our community.